The Rüsch 1100/1260A, is a CNC bandsaw machine. All the movements are on linear bearings and acted by ballscrews and brushless motors. The cutting capacity is 1160 H x 1320 mm It can cut mild sttels, stainless steels special alloys. High cutting precision for ectremely heavy jobs.

  • New advanced  RÜSCH CNC®.
  • Grafic touchscreen display 10″
  • AUTOSAW management of the cutting parameters. You only have to insert the material type shape and size.
  • Machine stops if blade broken.
  • The hydraulic pump is turned off is the machine is idle.
  • Blade deviation detector.
  • Vise pressure regulation
  • Screw type swarf conveyor with variable speed
  • Powered blade cleaning brush
  • Blade downfeed and carriage feed actuated by ballscrew and electric motor
tecapton90  1160 mm temotlama   22 kw
 tecapqua90  1160 mm temotoil  4 kw
 tecapret90  1320 x 1160h mm temoth2o  0.78 kw
corsa carro 480 mm tepeso 20000 kg
corsa carro opz 1000 mm tedimensioni 6690 x 3130 x 3590H mm MAX
rip corsa carro n° 99 tetensione 24 V – 400V
teserbh2o 300 l tedimlama  13650 x 80 x 1.6 mm
teserboil 75 l tedimlama 13650 x 67 x 1.6 mm (opt.)
tevellama 5 – 120 m/min. 675 mm
tediamvolani 1300 mm tecolore RAL 7035 – RAL 7037