Automatic double column band saw for cutting at 0° of solid materials, pipes, profiles, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous materials, aluminium, etc. equipped with standard two-axis CNC.

Innovation, research and experimentation capable of combining aesthetics, functionality and respect for the environment, through contemporary Italian design. 10″ touch screen display that allows you to manage the entire cutting cycle. Native parameters on a library of over 1800 available materials. Completely electric axis movements on ball screws and sliding on double ball recirculation linear guides. Total safety for the operator and, at the same time, accessibility in case of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Double upright structure on arch and feeding carriage, offer high performance and reduce vibrations during cutting. Electric blade tensioning with continuously managed shock absorber with lateral tungsten carbide blade guide pads and a vertical anti-vibration shock absorber on the blade back, they offer high cutting performance.

Hydraulic system absent on the machines, project the Rüsch E-POWER line onto the market in all respects as an ECO-FRIENDLY product.

ARC DESCENT CONTROL: the bow descent speed is automatically adjusted by the CNC taking into account the toothing of the blade. At the beginning of the cutting cycle, the arc advances rapidly up to the height of the material, then begins to descend to working speed, continuously managed by the C.N.C. When the blade teeth sink into the material, the machine automatically increases the forward speed until it reaches the optimum. At the end of processing, the arc returns up to a few millimeters above the material allowing the bar to advance. The machine starts the new cut as soon as the material is blocked, ensuring greater efficiency in times. The movement of the arch is carried out by a Brushless motor with ball screw on double ball linear guides.

VICE CONTROL: opening and closing with Brushless motor and ball screw. Both jaws open, ensuring that the material does not creep during advancement. The closing pressure can be adjusted from the control panel, acting on the torque limiter of the Brushless motor, thus avoiding crushing the tubulars.

CARRIAGE FEED CONTROL: sliding on linear guides with double recirculation of spheres. With this system, the material rests on the roller conveyor avoiding loads on the carriage. The carriage forward speed is progressively reduced to zero before stopping to avoid errors in the cutting length caused by the inertia force. The movement occurs by means of one or more ball screws and brushless motors. The stroke is 550mm and can be automatically repeated until the cutting length entered by the operator is reached, via touch screen, with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre.


Functions of the C.N.C.:

  • 99 cutting programs;
  • In each program it is possible to select the number of pieces to cut and their length, in particular it is possible to cut pieces of different lengths from the same bar;
  • 4 different automatic cutting cycles for each program;
  • Carriage in rear position during cutting: normal cycle;
  • Carriage in front position ( near the blade ) during cutting: for profiles or bundle cutting;
  • Step-by-step: to cut short pieces saving a large part of the machine cycle time;
  • Fast: to cut long pieces saving a large part of the machine cycle time;
  • Status of PLC inputs and outputs;
  • Auto-selection of cutting parameters ( AUTOSAW );
  • Completely manual selection of cutting parameters ( STANDARD );
  • Cutting speed compensation, in accordance with the toothing of the blade;
  • Blade deviation control;
  • Dynamic blade motor absorption control ( controls absorption, considering the number of teeth that are actually cutting );
  • Chip thickness.


ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: compliant with CE standards. Standard connection voltage 400 Volt 50/60Hz (other voltages on request). Control voltage 24 Volt DC The motors are protected by circuit breakers. The drives are equipped with an EMC filter.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: absent. The new generation Rüsch E-POWER line is completely electrically driven, allowing for a reduction in maintenance interventions, the use of hydraulic oils and filters, thus making it ECO-FRIENDLY.

SAFETY SYSTEM AND PROTECTIONS: The machine is accompanied by a CE declaration of conformity. The logic of the electrical circuits does not allow the machine to be started if the operator carries out incorrect manoeuvres. The machine stops automatically in the following cases:

  • The blade breaks or gets stuck;
  • The material has run out or the pre-selected number of pieces has been cut;
  • The machine guards are open.


All Rüsch automatic saws are equipped with a C.N.C. based on Microsoft Windows with already native connectivity. The easiest way to connect is with a supplied network interface. The system can be equipped with a VPN router that allows remote assistance without special configurations to the customer’s network, with wired, WiFi or LTE connectivity. There is also the possibility of developing software connectors for third-party management or MRP systems.


THIRD GENERATION AUTOSAW: Rüsch saws were the first machines on the market to offer the functionality of automatic cutting parameters. AUTOSAW evolves by dynamically varying parameters during the cut, unlike the preset values ​​that are maintained throughout the cut. This allows the saw to adapt to the most varied situations, including differences in hardness within the piece. The C.N.C. readjusts the parameters in the event of a blade with incorrect teeth until cutting is possible without limit situations.


The machine controls are simple and intuitive, they do not require any instructions so as to make the activity of even the less experienced operator smooth and fast. The control panel is equipped with a display that shows the following functions:

  • manual or automatic cycle;
  • program number;
  • type of cycle;
  • number of pieces to cut;
  • length of the piece;
  • number of pieces already cut;
  • blade speed;
  • feed rate;
  • feed wagon quota;
  • height of the arch;
  • percentage of blade deflection;
  • blade motor overload percentage;

On other pages you can view:

  • manual override of the forward and blade rotation speed;
  • cut surface – Blade life;
  • maximum and instantaneous power absorbed by the blade motor;
  • blade slipping.

The display provides multiple information and data. In each program it is possible to set a different cutting length so that different lengths and different quantities of pieces can be made from a single bar of material.

Rüsch 260A E-POWER

Rüsch 360A E-POWER

Rüsch 460A E-POWER

Rüsch 606A E-POWER