Origin, Tradition, Innovation


The RÜSCH WERKE started in 1827 by Josef Ignaz Rüsch in Dornbirn, in the austrian region of Voralberg, next to Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The company was producing textile machinery and agricultural machinery. In a short time the production was converted in bandsawing machines and becoming  an important company in the German market. It was the first in Europe in the production of bandsawing machines for metals.

In 1907, Mr Silvio Scortegagna started in Vicenza region his company. This company was producing textile machinery. The company goew in the following years. From 1946 the production of disk cutting machinery started with the brand KOMET, then the manual hack saws branded ERCOLE, and the automatic version called ERCOLEMATIC. In a short time it become one of the most important producers of hacksaw machines in Europe and sold thousands of machines. The most important festures of the ERCOLE were the high quality and the strongness. The evolution of the Scortegagna Company went on with new models like the FALCONE in 1952. In 1970, was made the biggest hacksaw ever made in the world, the famous ERCOLE 1000HE. In 1982 the Scortegagna bought the RÜSCH WERKE. From these 2 companies started the  COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE SCORTEGAGNA S.r.l., who made machines from the small RÜSCH AS 250 to the big RÜSCH 800. From mid eighties started the production of mitre cutting bandsaw machines and in the years 2000 started the production of machines bigger than 1000mm, the drilling machines and the automatic sawing lines.

Innovation, technology and experience with the logic of smart working is the mix that permit us to offer to the customer solutions in a short time. The constant professional growing allow us to afford the global market.

                                                                                                                                                                                        RÜSCH S.r.l.


The after sales service is a priority for us.

Forward Thinking

We always use modern solutions.

Problem Solvers

We look for optimal solutions for our customers.

Human attitude

Human relationship is at the base of business.