RÜSCH 360A41 Plus SD, automatic band sawing machine for 0° cuts, with two load-bearing columns with sliding on recirculating ball linear guides, electronically managed bar advancement with dragging on ball recirculating screw. Machine equipped with vertical drilling head on board. Multiple cutting and drilling in one machine!


  • Two-axis numerical control in closed loop.
  • Standard alphanumeric display equipped with self-diagnostics and online help display.
  • Inverter gearmotor with continuous electronic regulation of blade speed.
  • Axis movements on recirculating ball linear guides.
  • Electric bar drive with ball screw.
  • Motorized auger chip conveyor.
  • Automatic blade cleaning system.
  • Machine stop system in case of blade breakage.
  • Oil pump shutdown timer if the machine is not used.
  • Containment tank for the lubricant-coolant liquid integrated into the machine base.
  • Automatic control of blade heeling during cutting.
  • Hydraulic system with modulable oil flow pump (application with savings of up to 50% in electricity).
  • Vertical drilling unit.
  • Minimal lubrication system for the drilling unit (Optional).
tecapton90  360 mm temotlama  4 Kw – 5 Kw OPT.
 tecapqua90  360 mm temotoil 0.75 Kw
 tecapret90  360 x 360h mm temoth2o 0.40 Kw
corsa carro 400 mm tepeso 3300 Kg
rip corsa carro n° 99 tedimensioni 2100 x 3000 x 2200h mm
 teserbh2o 150 l tetensione 24 V – 400 V
teserboil 25 l tedimlama 5250 x 41 x 1.3
tevellama 20 – 120 m/min http://www.rusch.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/tealtbanco.png 860 mm
tediamvolani 500 mm tecolore RAL 7035 – RAL 7037