800/1000G, semi-automatic bandsawing machine for graded cuts, with two load-bearing columns with sliding on recirculating ball linear guides, electric table rotation with pneumatic locking at the desired degree. Ideal sawing machine for automatic cutting line configurations with loading and unloading. High performance combined with cutting precision even in the most demanding jobs. Sawing machine that is at the top of its segment.


  • Electric swivel base rotation.
  • Pneumatic swivel base locking.
  • Digital display of the cutting angle.
  • Machine stop system in case of blade breakage.
  • Pressure reducing valve for the workpiece closing vice ( allows you to cut thin tubes without deforming them ).
  • Arc return cycle over the piece once the cut has been made.
  • Oil pump shutdown timer if the machine is not used.
tecapton90  800 mm  quad 60 dx  220 mm
 tecapqua90  800 mm rett 60 dx   220 x 800h mm
 tecapret90  1000 x 800h mm  tediamvolani 830 mm
tecapton60sx  280 mm tevellama  20 – 120 m/min.
quad 60sx 280 mm  temotlama   7.5 kw
tecapret60sx  280 x 800h mm temotoil  1.5 kw
 tecapton45dx 580 mm  tepeso  13000 kg
 tecapqua45dx  580 mm  tedimensioni  5800 x 4200 x 3200h mm MAX
 tecapret45dx  580 x 800h mm  tetensione  24 V – 400 V
 tecapton45sx 580 mm tedimlama   10150 x 54 x 1.6 mm
 tecapqua45sx 580 mm http://www.rusch.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/tealtbanco.png  950 mm
 tecapret45sx 580 x 800h mm tecolore  RAL 7035 – RAL 7037
tondo 60 dx 220 mm