850A, automatic bandsawing machine for 0° cuts, sliding of all axes on linear guides with recirculating rollers and balls, feeds managed by brushless motors on ball screws, cutting capacity 850 H x 900 mm construction steels , alloyed and stainless steel, solid and profiled. High performance combined with cutting precision even in the most demanding jobs. Sawing machine that is at the top of its segment.


  • New RÜSCH ® advanced numerical control.
  • Standard alphanumeric display equipped with self-diagnostics and online help display.
  • AUTOSAW management of cutting parameters automatically by simply entering the size and type of material to be cut.
  • Machine stop system in case of blade breakage.
  • Oil pump shutdown timer if the machine is not used.
  • Automatic control of blade heeling during cutting.
  • Standard Brushless motor variator with continuous electronic adjustment of the blade speed.
  • External gearbox + gearbox integrated into the arch ( application with small power loss ).
  • Double auger chip conveyor as standard.
  • Pressure reducing valves for the vices as standard.
  • Hydraulic blade guide pads.
  • Machine roller conveyor capacity up to 30000 kg.
tecapton90  900 mm temotlama   40 Nm
 tecapqua90  850 mm temotoil  4 kw
 tecapret90  900 x 850h mm temoth2o  0.78 kw
corsa carro 415 mm tepeso 13500 kg
corsa carro opz 1000 mm tedimensioni 6750 x 3000 x 3180H mm MAX.
 rip corsa carro n° 99 tetensione 24 V – 400V
teserbh2o 300 l tedimlama  10150 x 80 x 1.6 mm
teserboil 75 l tedimlama 10150 x 67 x 1.6 mm (opt.)
tevellama 10 – 140 m/min. http://www.rusch.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/tealtbanco.png 675 mm
tediamvolani 900 mm tecolore RAL 7035 – RAL 7037