ZAZ 27M 230V 1Ph, manual bandsaw for cuts from 0° to 60° left.

  • Electro-welded steel base incorporating the cooling tank with electric pump.
  • Cast iron arc inclined at 30° with respect to the Z axis which significantly reduces the straightening of the blade, allowing it to twist less with consequent longer life.
  • Flywheels mounted on precision roller bearings.
  • Solid structure of the blade guide arms which make them free from twisting and vibrations.
  • Manual vice movement with handwheel and lever for quick locking.
  • Blade tensioning via handwheel with fixed mechanical stop. ( 1200 kg blade draw ).
  • Stops for cutting at 0°, 45°, 60° with lever for locking at any angle.
  • Eccentric bow pin adjustable via 2 swiveling roller bearings.
  • Blade guide with 4 WIDIA plates and 4 adjustable eccentric pre-alignment bearings.
  • Brush blade cleaning device.
  • Electrical system compliant with CE standards. Standard connection voltage 230V. Control voltages 24 Volt d.c.
  • Speed ​​variation selectable between 40 and 80 m/min via selector on the control panel.
  • Coolant pump connected to several nozzles that provide lubrication of the blade.
  • The saw controls are centralized on a single panel. They include: Main switch, line button and blade speed selector.
  • The saw is accompanied by a CE certificate and supplied in compliance with international safety standards.
  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Instruction manual, 1 tape, material support, bar stop rod.


  • 2 meter loading roller conveyor.
  • 2 meter unloading roller conveyor.
  • 2 meter unloading roller conveyor with measuring stop.
225 mm tevellama 40 – 80 m/min
tecapqua90 200 mm temotlama 1.1 kw
tecapret90 240 x 160h mm temoth2o 0.06 kw
tecapton45sx 160 mm tedimlama 2455 x 27 x 0.9
tecapqua45sx 140 mm tetensione 24 V – 230 V
tecapret45sx 155 x 115h mm tedimensioni 1350 x 750 x 1500h mm
tecapton60sx 90 mm tealtbanco 980 mm
quad 60sx 90 mm tecolore RAL 7035 – RAL 7037
tecapret60sx 100 x 90h mm tepeso 220 kg