MAX 620G, semi-automatic bandsaw for grade cutting, pivoted. Management of the completely automatic cutting cycle with automatic closing of the vice, rapid approach of the arc with bar feeler, management of the arc’s descent speed via hydraulic regulator, blade speed adjustment via potentiometer during cutting, end of cut with automatic arc raising up to piece height and automatic opening of the vice to free the material. Blade height 41mm.


  • Possibility of cutting from +60° to -60°.
  • Hydraulic plant.
  • Hydraulic bow descent adjustment.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of opening and closing of the vice.
  • Selection of closing and opening vice at the end of the cycle.
  • High arc and low arc adjustment.
  • Rapid arch approach with feeler.
  • Automatically raises the arc above the piece.
  • Blade rotation speed adjustment via inverter.
  • Machine stop in case of blade breakage or insufficient tension.
  • Electric pump for blade lubrication.
  • Key safety switch on the blade guard.
  • Brush blade cleaning device.
  • Control pulpit.
  • Pack vice kit with vices H=500 mm. ( Optional ).
 tecapton90 500 mm quad 60 dx 330 mm
tecapqua90  500 mm rett 60 dx 330 x 450h mm
tecapret90 620 x 500h mm tevellama 20 – 120 m/min
tecapton45sx  450 mm temotlama 3 kw
tecapqua45sx 450 mm temotoil 1.1 kw
tecapret45sx 430 x 450h mm temoth2o 0.11 kw
tecapton60sx  330 mm tedimlama 5250 x 41 x 1.3 mm
quad 60sx  320 mm tetensione 24 V – 400 V
tecapret60sx 250 x 450h mm tedimensioni 1450 x 2650 x 1495h mm
tecapton45dx 490 mm tepeso 1300 kg
tecapqua45dx 490 mm 750 mm
tecapret45dx 490 x 450h mm tecolore RAL 7035 – RAL 7037
tondo 60 dx 330 mm tediamvolani 500 mm